Veterinary Clinic for 501(c)(3)’s


Veterinary & Wellness Services to 501(c)(3) animal welfare organizations

Heidi’s Village currently provides low cost veterinary services to rescue and shelter organizations.

Veterinary Services

Heidi’s Village currently provides veterinary services to rescue organizations. We will expand services to the public in the future. Heidi’s Village strives to provide high-quality, affordable care for cats and dogs. This starts by helping our clients design a quality, preventative care plan for each of their dogs and cats. This plan includes vaccinations, deworming, microchipping, heartworm prevention, spay/neuter and yearly dental cleanings. By encouraging our clients to be proactive with their pet’s health, we hope to avoid illness and more costly care in the future.

But we don’t just provide preventative care, we are also available for a wide variety of other needs. This includes minor illnesses such as skin or ear infections, thyroid conditions, Valley Fever and diagnostic imaging such as x-rays.

We are by appointment only and are not able to take walk-ins or emergencies.

Clinic Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 7:30AM – 5PM

Sunday: Closed

WE DO NOT OFFER PAYMENT PLANS OR CARE CREDIT. Payment is expected at the time of completion of services. You will be given an estimate for any services prior to completion.

Call us for services and pricing and information: 602-241-4619


Come and see for yourself how we care for our pets and the thought behind our new facilities

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