Upcoming animal shelter goes above and beyond

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PHOENIX (FOX 10) – The concept of this upcoming shelter is to have a place where animals are treated with respect and compassion. The leaders are going above and beyond to make this pleasant place for animals. We’re talking outdoor spaces for dogs and cats, plus a bone-shaped pool for the dogs to swim around and wade in.

It’s called Heidi’s Village.

“The project is a $22 million dollar project and is completely funded through the Virginia B. Jontes Foundation,” said Ellen Clark, executive director at Heidi’s Villiage.

Clark says Heidi’s Village will feature nine buildings for 250 dogs and 200 cats. These buildings will be green with energy-efficient features and will include a spacious boarding area with an updated design.

“Dogs seeing dogs can make them a little unsettled or stressed,” said Barry Chasse, president of Chasse Building Team. “So the design has really eliminated or minimized that opportunity for [a] visual interface between the pets.”

The staff being pet owners themselves talked about how this is a passion project for them, professionally and personally.

“To be able to have that unconditional love in your lap, in purring or panting at your side, running, taking a walk with you, it’s just one of the greatest loves of my lifetime,” said Kaitlyn Wright, director of operations at Heidi’s Village.

The shelter will have a full media suite, surgery center, behavioral training, and a kitten nursery where orphan kittens will be bottle-fed.

“We want to focus our efforts [on] other organizations that are already trying to get animals out of Maricopa County and make them adoption candidates,” Clark said.

“The rescue groups that may not have all the capabilities that a larger organization might have, [that’s] where we can step in and say, ‘Let us help with that,'” Wright said. “Let us fill that gap for you.”

Heidi’s Village is scheduled to open late spring of next year.


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