SERVICES FOR 501(c)(3)’S

cat and dog playing

Supporting existing animal welfare groups

Heidi’s Village exists to foster a community where animals are treated with respect, dignity and compassion. One way that we do that is by providing resources and support to current shelter and rescue organizations.

Boarding for 501(c)(3) Groups

Heidi’s Village provides short term, low cost boarding to 501(c)(3) organizations for cats and dogs to expand their ability to save lives. Our daily boarding fee includes food, housing, socialization/playtime, and cleaning.

Veterinary Clinic for 501(c)(3) Groups

Heidi’s Village currently provides veterinary services to rescue organizations at an exceptionally low-cost to expand their ability to rescue the most vulnerable pets in our community, many who are in critical need of treatment.

Neonate Kitten Nursery

Heidi’s Village operates the Smitten Kitten Nursery where our compassionate team rescues and raises neonate kittens, and special needs or injured kittens and puppies in need of lifesaving 24/7 care.

Heidi’s Helping Hands Program

Heidi’s Helping Hands (H3) is an application based program for 501(c)(3) groups requesting assistance with medical needs outside of typical wellness and sterilization. Rescue partners can apply for assistance when they lack the resources to provide medical care for injuries or ailments that are treatable. 


Heidi’s Village has a grooming center that can be used by our rescue partners so that all of the animals at the Village can put their best paw forward when getting ready for adoption! 


Come and see for yourself how we care for our pets and the thought behind our new facilities


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