Advocating for Animals

The leadership staff of Heidi’s Village brings over 100 years of collective experience in animal welfare to serve our most vulnerable population.
Virginia Jontes

Virginia Jontes


Virginia (Ginny) Jontes has always believed in providing a helping hand to those in need. Her philanthropic interests include animal welfare, domestic violence, homelessness, adoption programs, and medical intervention for humans and companion animals. She created the Virginia B. Jontes Foundation whose mission is to strengthen communities by supporting social services for at-risk human and companion animal populations. She envisions a world where nonprofit organizations are empowered to end homelessness, prevent domestic violence, provide affordable medical intervention in human and companion animal populations. There is no better example of Ginny’s generosity than her support of Heidi’s Village.
Sheridan Schilling, FFCP

Sheridan Schilling, FFCP

Animal Care Team Manager

A Phoenix native, Sheridan has always been  passionate about helping the animals in her community. She spent most of her career working in various roles at the 2nd largest open intake shelter in the US, which is where she gained her extensive knowledge and skillset in shelter, rescue, and behavior management. While Sheridan shares a home with multiple dogs, the love of her life is her “little old lady baby”, Jedi.


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