BOARDING FOR 501(c)(3)’S


Short term housing solutions for 501(c)(3) animal welfare organizations

Heidi’s Village was designed to help other animal welfare organizations meet their canine and feline housing needs in a safe, welcoming and healthy environment.

Heidi’s Village was designed to help other organizations meet their housing needs.

Dog Boarding Buildings feature:

  • Kennels with individual indoor and outdoor space.
  • 4 wings with separate HVAC systems to reduce the chance of cross contamination.
  • Kennels with separate drainage, no wastewater is shared between kennels.
  • Each boarding building features four outdoor play yards with agility equipment allowing for outdoor play, natural light, fresh air and interaction with people or other dogs.

Cat Boarding Buildings feature:

  • Outdoor areas for natural light, stimulating all the senses with fresh air, smells, sounds and natural light.
  • Vertical spaces for climbing and viewing from above.
  • Interactive landscapes installations for visual and smell stimulation.
  • Big screen TV’s displaying birds, nature and other visually interesting stimuli for felines.

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