About Us

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Heidi’s Village exists to foster a community where animals are treated with respect, dignity and compassion.


We envision a world where all cats and dogs live in forever homes whose environment is healthy, safe and secure.

How We Help: Rescue, Collaboration, Service

Heidi’s Village offers traditional animal shelter services such as intakes for strays and owner surrenders, and adoptions to new loving homes, but we actually do more – a LOT more!

Heidi’s Village is the one-stop-shop of services for the animal welfare community in the Greater Phoenix Area. Through collaboration with over 30 Rescue Partners, our services impact animal welfare efforts throughout Phoenix. With all of our services location conveniently on-site at our state-of-the-art facility, Heidi’s Village provides our Rescue Partners:

🐾 Low-cost boarding to rescues, many whom are foster-based, to expand their capacity to say “yes!” to pets in need.

🐾 Temporary care and assistance based veterinary care in partnership with 501(c)3 organizations to help pet parents keep their pets.

🐾 24/7 Neonate Nursey for our youngest animals that need round-the-clock care.

🐾 Access to a Behavior Modification team to help all housed pets become happy, healthy, and adoptable.

🐾 Affordable veterinary care for routine, nonroutine, and emergency needs.


Core Values

  • Maintain high ethical standards for the safety and security of animals in our care as well as the staff and volunteers who provide that care.
  • Create and encourage an inclusive environment for all that respects diverse traditions, heritages and experiences and acknowledges the value of all individuals.
  • Advance and utilize best practices for animals, the public, staff, and volunteers in a shelter/veterinary environment.
  • Meet the changing needs of animals and animal welfare organizations in our community.
  • Help bridge the gap between available animal welfare resources and animal welfare needs in the community.
  • Provide state of the art behavioral rehabilitation for animals and training for guardians of cats and dogs to alleviate behavioral issues as a barrier to finding forever homes.


Come and see for yourself how we care for our pets and the thought behind our new facilities


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