About Us

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Heidi’s Village unites the animal welfare community and inspires the innovation, advocacy, and change necessary to find a home for every pet.


Heidi’s Village sets the standard in animal welfare by providing a holistic, affordable way to house, heal, and promote the adoption of our community’s most vulnerable animals, cultivating leaders and sharing our knowledge to establish ourselves as a trusted resource, partner, and advocate, and collaborating with our community to produce innovative ideas to increase shelter prevention and transform rescued animals into future family members.

How We Help: Rescue, Collaboration, Service

Heidi’s Village operates using an innovative sheltering model that brings the animal welfare community and all necessary services under one roof. We partner with existing animal welfare organizations, most of whom are foster based, to expand and compliment their operations to save more pets together.

We achieve this by providing:

  • Low-cost boarding to expand our Rescue Partners ability to say “Yes!” to pets in need when their network of fosters is full.
  • Affordable medical care at our on-site Veterinary Clinic to empower our Rescue Partners to accept animals in critical need of treatment without having to worry about cost. One partner rescue saved $25,000 in just 6 weeks by utilizing our Clinic instead of a private Veterinary office.

We don’t just board for other rescues, we also have our own life-saving programs!

  • The Smitten Kitten Nursery – the cutest room in the entire Village! Our Nursery lovingly rescues and raises neonate kittens that require delicate 24/7 care.


Core Values

  • Commitment: We execute our mission with an unwavering commitment to our community, our partners, each other, and the animals in our collective Village.
  • Harmony: We strive for an environment where collaboration, inclusion, diversity, and an openness to a broad range of ideas, backgrounds, and experiences are celebrated and recognized as necessary for our success.
  • Accountability: We expect excellence from ourselves and each other, holding each accountable for the unrivaled standards we strive to exemplify as an organization within, and for, our community.
  • Respect: We respect each other, our community members, and the animals in our care equally, recognizing that differences of opinions and methods are necessary to achieve innovative results.
  • Trust: We are both trustworthy and trusting of each other in words and deeds, honoring a firm belief in the good intentions, capabilities, and strength of humans and animals alike.
  • Safety: We are steadfast in our dedication to the safety of our people, our community, and the animals in our care.


Come and see for yourself how we care for our pets and the thought behind our new facilities

600 North 40th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85008
(602) 241-4640